“Desert Evening” series to Host Vintage Firearms Collector, Feb. 22

A week from now on Monday Feb 22, LV Museum will be hosting another “Evening Desert” series. This time with Dennis Emmanuel from Double R Bar Regulators our local shooting society. As mentioned earlier, he’s bringing his collection of vintage rifles and uniforms of the period just after the Civil War — about 1865-85. That’s the time when young men fresh from the fields or just returning home from The Great War Between the North and the South needed something to invest in. Their homes often had been destroyed or lost. Many felt they would never be safe again. It was hard going back to the farm.

vintage firearms
Museum to Host Guest Speaker — Indian Wars

Young men yearned for a new adventure, so they went West. The U.S. Cavalry was eager to grab new enlisted men with experience in fighting. It would save them weeks of training to have a troop of men ready for the Indian campaigns. There were plenty of Indians to fight.

Dennis is an expert in firearms and rifles with an impressive collection. His uniforms are museum quality. This will be a treat. Come see — it’s free. LV Community Center from 6-8 pm. light refreshments will be served. Public is welcome.

Directions: go East past the Library on HWY 247 also known as Old Woman Springs Road.If you pass the LVFD you’ve gone too far.


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