May 21 at 3 pm for Herbal Expert Charla Shamhart

Local Museum Offers “Evening Desert” series with guest herbalist Charla Shamhart

There was such enthusiasm for herbal medicines and uses of native plants from last year, that the “Evening

Charla Shamhart
Herbal Expert is guest speaker next Saturday

Desert” series returns May 21 with new guest Charla Shamhart, speaking on Western herbal medicines. Lucerne Valley Museum Association will host this program at LV Community Center from 3-5pm. Free admission and light refreshments will be available. The program is open to the public.

Serious Study

Charla grew up on a farm in Georgia.  At age 3 she started herb collecting with her family.  By age 18, she applied her interest into a serious study of herbs after an encounter with an unhelpful medical doctor. Charla Shamhart has studied and practiced herbal medicine for over 40 years, now.  She often gives lectures on various herbal topics, including natural methods to aid kidney function, and using herbs to cleanse different body systems. She works primarily with Western herbs in the Thomsonian tradition using herbs as medicine and food.

More Details

She has also received extensive studies in Breath of Life Training known as Tibetan breath work. Charla is the founder of High Desert Homegrown Poultry Association and founder of SoCal Desert Fermenters. She holds a membership with the American Botanical Council and has earned a Master of Divinity (MsD).


The LV Community Center is just west of Pioneer Park on Old Woman Springs Road/ Hwy 247 East. For more information, contact Rusty LaGrange at (760) 248-6777 and leave a message.


Rusty LaGrange

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