After the Fourth of July

Museum’s NightWalk

It’s been a hot June followed by an even hotter July. Our members weren’t very active this summer so far. At the Fourth of July celebration at our Pioneer Park, the grounds were filled with families waiting for the fireworks display. A slight cooling trend made the day and evening bearable. The event was actually held on the 2nd to take advantage of the lower price of having a fireworks show. Our local parade was held on the Fourth.

As I’ve done in the past, while the families were waiting and visiting, running the potato sack races, sprawling in the cool shade of the trees, and generally enjoying the holiday — I was opening the Outdoor Museum for a walk through by flashlight. I did this last year and 25 people came through.

The MC on stage announced that our museum was open for only an hour prior to the fireworks, so now was the time. We just don’t have the ability to keep it open on a regular schedule, so I like to take advantage of a large crowd. What better way to grab attention than on the Fourth of July in the park.

It worked, too! I led or talked to 18 people who, many didn’t know we had a museum, or just arrived in town as new residents, were thrilled to have a chance to see our displays. Because we don’t have electricity, I offered flashlights for a novel way for visitors to see the displays. NightWalk went over pretty big.

A Facelift with Solar Lights

We had also added some solar path lighting to give the museum a bit of a facelift. Prior to that we had conducted a work party to raise each piece of farming implement and mining equipment up out of the sand and onto brick pavers. That small change made a big difference for the longevity of our collection. We still have more to do. And the second stack of new pavers in the yard is calling us for another work party.

Hopefully from those who enjoyed the museum, we may get some new membership and new blood in our organization. We could really use some volunteers with muscles. Most of our membership just can’t do the labor anymore.

New Magazine Visits Us

A few days earlier, I was contacted by the photographer at a new magazine out of Barstow. Frank Valdez had called for a museum tourĀ  — only by appointment — and to take a series of photos for a page spread about places to visit in the High Desert. The new magazine is called Barstow and Beyond — it’s a printed slick magazine available at no cost for now. Pages are filled with listings of desert features, places to go, businesses that cater to families, historic places and trails, and much more.

When LV Museum is highlighted I’ll let you all know here.

So that’s about it for now. if you have any questions or want to know more about our mseum, just contact us.

Rusty LaGrange

President and Curator

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