Our Board of Directors

Barbara “Rusty” LaGrange, President and Curator since 2010. She has an extensive background in antiques and collectibles, has worked as a journalist and freelance writer, and web master for the nonprofit organization.



Louis Kannenberg, Vice President and Assistant Curator, is active in community programs, member of Lucerne Valley Economic Development Association, and volunteering in desert water conservation and reduction projects.



Martha Rader, Secretary, has an extensive understanding of nonprofit administration and is a long-time resident. While working with her husband, Chuck Rader, she assisted with Board business, memberships, and indexing collections.



Jean Morgan, Treasurer, is the newest member who brings expertise in money management, technical computer background, and a long history in community events.




Chelsea LaGrange, Parliamentarian, is the youngest member on the Board and brings with her enthusiasm, children’s craft programs, interactive display designs for children, and has chaired the “LV Days” family fun day in the park.



June Fuller, Hospitality, has maintained a position on the Board or Committee for over 20 years, helping with refreshments and potlucks.



Marie Brashear, Building Committee and Grants Writer, has exclusively researched the aspects of our new building site. She is currently tracking down funding sources and working with county government to procure more information in grants and loans.


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