Sam Hunter Carves His Niche in Petroglyph Studies

Found Art

Rock carvings
Sam Hunter knows his rock art — is it history or graffiti?

Guest Speaker, Sam Hunter, spends his days studying what the ancient Native Americans left on rock faces in the Black Mountain complex. Many of the region’s carvings and markings have been cataloged but figuring out what they mean is a lost art in itself. His theories are not quite like other specialists in philology — the study of early carved communications.

Whether you enjoy finding pictographs, petroglyphs, or other markings left by ancient peoples, the hike, the discovery, and the thrill of finding one is awesome. Relax in our air conditioned center and let Sam show you the extensive region. He will also share his skills in the “atlatl” — a warrior’s and hunter’s turbo boost for their spears.

Black Mountain Complex petroglyphs with Sam Hunter

Join him June 17th when the Lucerne Valley Museum and History Association hosts Evening Desert Series in the Lucerne Valley Community Center. It’s a Saturday afternoon venue from 3-5 pm. The center is between the library and Pioneer Park on Hwy 247 (east). Public is welcome to this free program and light refreshments will be available.

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