Where Are the Best Rocks and Gems in the High Desert?

Have you thought about rock hounding as a hobby? Maybe you need to get your kids out of the house for some great fresh air and a treasure hunt? Rock Hounds abound here. So where are the best rocks and gems in the High Desert?

Come by our Evening Desert Series presentation this Saturday — Feb. 3 from 3 to 5 pm and find out from rock and mineral experts, Cyndy Mandell and Lois Papner of Hesperia. They’ll be sharing their expertise in finding those great gems.

LV Museum program
Visitors enjoy another presentation


Our LV Museum group will host this event at the Lucerne Valley Community Center between the Library and Pioneer Park on Old Woman Springs Road. We offer light refreshments and free admission. We also invite families with kids, home schoolers, and outdoor enthusiasts who want to learn more about the rocks under their feet.


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Author: Rusty LaGrange

I'm active on the Board of Directors to help keep local history alive.

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