Moonshiners, Bootleggers, and Hooch. Oh, My!

Our local history is full of colorful characters. We have moonshiners, bootleggers, and hooch. Oh, my! And with that comes the expert, Cliff Walker, who’s spent 22 years studying, with passion, we might add, to make sure we don’t forget our somewhat shady history.

Did you know a still was found in a cave in the 1980s? Ask Cliff about that one.

Be sure to see Cliff Walker during our next Evening Desert Series to be held at the Moose Lodge, June 23rd. This new venue will allow us to share a sip of the gullet-burning hooch that illegal stills once produced. Sips are for adults only but the entire program is family-friendly.

Tacos will also be available. Program starts at 3 pm.

See the flyer below. Come and enjoy a few tales from one of our favorite history experts on brews of all sorts. This is sponsored by our Lucerne Valley Museum and History Association and hosted by our local Moose Lodge.

Hooch at the Moose
Illegal Moonshine with guest speaker Cliff Walker
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Author: Rusty LaGrange

I'm active on the Board of Directors to help keep local history alive.

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