L.V. Museum Energized by Moving Day

If you take a look at our museum yard when you drive through town, you’ll see two large buildings. Our newest phase of updating our Open Air Museum — our moving day –was accomplished with the moving in of these sheds to become “theme-styled” buildings.

moving sheds to museum yard
Jerry Byars with Security Storage moved two sheds in one morning

One that we call the “Mural” building is a donation from Friends of the Library. It was Martha Rader, our longtime board member, and Marie Brashear, our Building Projects Director, who suggested that the building be offered to us. Our plan is to rehab the walls and maintain the mural — silhouette cowboys on the desert scene — is always a good touch for our heritage themes.

The second building was offered by Jerry Byers, who has the equipment to move large sheds and buildings with his expertise to plant them just where they need to go. Seen in these photos are the picking up and transport from the Senior Center yard, across the parking lot, through two sets of double gates, and placing them along the south fence.

President Louis Kannenberg arranged for the transports through Jerry Byers, while Martha and Marie helped with emptying the mural building prior to its moving.

moving shed
Familiar mural shed gets new home at LV Museum

We will move the mural building into the center of the loop walkway. This will become our backdrop to a seating area for a larger group of visitors to enjoy discussions and displays. More on that later.

tilt bed truck moves 2nd shed
Our President Louis Kannenberg watches as Jerry slides the tilt bed truck thru a narrow passage.

The taller of the two buildings will be rehabbed to house a collection of a theme — either mining, agriculture or Native American influences, and resource book collection. Our third and larger building will be planted later for storage and workshop use.

After a long morning, VP Rusty LaGrange, Pres. Louis Kannenberg, and Jerry Byars take a break to enjoy their moving day.

shed move completed
Rusty, Louis and Jerry  stop for a moment at the end moving day.

If you would like to donate your time to help rehab and decorate our newest buildings, just become a member for only $10 a year and share in our goals — “It’s Your History, Let’s Build a Home for It.”

High School students can request “Helping Hands” graduation points, too. We need a lot of help in the months ahead.

Text by Rusty LaGrange
Photos by Rusty LaGrange and Frank Haggard, CSA 29 services.
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