Want to Go Camping?

Dusty, rustic, and full of adventure. Want to go camping at an historic canyon full of mining history, where Hollywood celebs of the 50s actually hid from the big city lights, and an artesian spring feeds a pool all year?

Our Museum members have special access to Paradise Springs in a secluded canyon north of Barstow. We’re aiming for April 19, 20, and 21, but the weather his been playing havoc with camping plans.

If you plan to join, this event is $20 per person. If you
are a member, the cost is $10 per person. Children under age 14 are free. Pay by PayPal on our website. You must have a self-contained trailer or camper, bring your own food and drinks, hat and sturdy hiking shoes. No cellphone access is guaranteed so bring a camera.

Our owner/host, Cliff Walker of Mojave River Valley Museum in Barstow, is offering access to the cabin, kitchen, and other cool amenities. Be warned that this remote compound has all the desert creatures residing in and around it, so be very careful where you walk or hike. That being said, children must be accompanied by an adult, especially on hikes.

Since this is a limited event, we are also asking that an RSVP be made with your payment. Call 760-248-6777 and leave a message or call 442-243-2515.

If the weather goes bad, we will postpone the event until May or June.

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Author: Rusty LaGrange

I'm active on the Board of Directors to help keep local history alive.

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