Cushenbury Springs Destroyed in Blaze

It was just a few weeks ago that members and guests of the Lucerne Valley Museum and History Association had led a field trip to the historic site of Cushenbury Springs. Although Mitsubishi Cement manages the site on a reserved corner of the facility off of Hwy 18, arrangements were made to transport visitors by company van to the access gates.

After an orientation and a bit of history, photos were taken. Dave Rader, employee and his wife, Millie Rader, led us through. The brush was dry and many limbs had fallen from high winds and dry seasons. The only remnants of the early stage stop, small grocery store, and other temporary buildings were the planting of non-native trees. The buildings had disappeared many years ago. There was a single tire swing on an old cottonwood that generated fond memories of the once active site.

Just weeks before fire erupted in the dry brush at Cushenbury Springs
Smoking piles are guarded over the weekend

The recent fire destroyed most of the trees and thick brush. An assessment of the damage of the entire springs area has not been made. It’s important to know that the blaze was not “just a vegetation fire” but a sad erasure of another prominent place in Lucerne Valley’s history.

Some of the vegetation may return over time, but the CDF and Cal Fire crews cleared out the smaller trees and berry bushes.

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Author: Rusty LaGrange

I'm active on the Board of Directors to help keep local history alive.

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