Frontier Day Welcomes You This Saturday

This year our members will co-host the annual celebration of harvest time with our Chamber of Commerce for a one-day event, October 12. Opening at 9 am and closing before dusk, you’ll find games and vendor booths, food trucks, and face painting all for a day of family fun.

Open Air Yard
Sunset Summer highlights the Greene Room and
Joshua Tree in our Open Air Yard

Our Open-Air Museum will be open for tours and offer our local history book for sale. We’ve also spruced up the place by adding two wooden buildings that are currently under renovation. The museum sits between the park and the Library on Hwy 247 East.

Docents will help you on guided tours so you’ll see what our future plans are. We’ve made our commitment to open every First Saturday while offering a simple craft for kids.

Out in Pioneer Park, find our Museum booth near the double gates and see a sample of our collections. During Frontier Day, you can be a member for only $10 per person and for $20 you get an “I dig History” t-shirt or tote.

Jerry Byars moved the sheds into our yard last year. This year we placed it into the center of our loop walkway.

We hope you can stop by or take a tour during this special event. And thank you for supporting our Chamber and Museum.

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Author: Rusty LaGrange

I'm active on the Board of Directors to help keep local history alive.

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