Past Board Members

In Loving Memory of Our Dedicated Board Members

H. Marie Brashear

Marie Brashear,  another longtime resident and historian, volunteered and  researched the aspects of our new building site. Prior to her recent death, she tracked down private funding sources and worked with county government to procure more information on grants and loans.

Charles Rader

Longtime resident of Lucerne Valley, Chuck Rader managed many of the projects during the presidency of Orville Green in the 1980s. When taking on the extensive job of President, he held the position until 2010. His wife, Martha, continued on the Board until 2018.

Barbara Veale

Longtime resident and well-known in the community, Barbara was part of our valley’s oldest families. Politically active with many programs in and about Lucerne Valley, Barbara had recently taken the committee chair of Historian in 2015.

Bernadette Gudgin

Bernadette served many years as Treasurer until her ill health forced her to step down from the Board in 2015.

June Fuller

June Fuller, with her steadfastness and happy demeanorhad maintained a position on the Board and Committees for over 20 years, helping with our hospitality refreshments and potlucks.

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