Sam Hunter Carves His Niche in Petroglyph Studies

Found Art Guest Speaker, Sam Hunter, spends his days studying what the ancient Native Americans left on rock faces in the Black Mountain complex. Many of the region’s carvings and markings have been cataloged but […]

Are You Looking for a Spring Swap Meet?

We love Swap Meets! Looking for a sunny place to enjoy some swap meet time with friends and visitors of the High Desert? Then watch for the details here when the Lucerne Valley Museum and […]

How Pioneers Did It — Soaps, Lotions & Potions

It’s easy to go to the store and buy from a shelf of 20+ products for everything you need in your home. Before commercial storefronts there was the local General Store. Before that was the […]

After the Fourth of July

Museum’s NightWalk It’s been a hot June followed by an even hotter July. Our members weren’t very active this summer so far. At the Fourth of July celebration at our Pioneer Park, the grounds were […]

May 21 at 3 pm for Herbal Expert Charla Shamhart

Local Museum Offers “Evening Desert” series with guest herbalist Charla Shamhart There was such enthusiasm for herbal medicines and uses of native plants from last year, that the “Evening Desert” series returns May 21 with […]

“Desert Evening” series to Host Vintage Firearms Collector, Feb. 22

A week from now on Monday Feb 22, LV Museum will be hosting another “Evening Desert” series. This time with Dennis Emmanuel from Double R Bar Regulators our local shooting society. As mentioned earlier, he’s […]

Civil War Soldiers Toughened Up for the Daily Grind

Lucerne Valley Museum offers “Evening Desert” series with guest Dennis Emmanuel – gun collector/ historian The Civil War military life was hard to live through for the average soldier. Young men often facing their first […]

Crossroads of the High Desert

Welcome to a place in the High Desert that many folks find serene, breathtaking, calming, and lonely. Others find it wild, desolate, rustic and “out in the middle of nowhere.” We like to think of […]