Our Lucerne Valley Museum

A lonely place, the desert — with its wild thorny trees, howling nightlife, insects and snakes right out of a science fiction movie, stunning vistas, and folks who wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Storm Clouds Growing

If you’re just passing through, you might want to learn a bit about the territory before you get off the beaten path. See some of the relics of our past, tour our Outdoor displays, find out how our agriculture and mining defined our valley, and get a deeper feeling of what this desert is all about.

Sunsets that Sizzle

If you’re already a resident here, then by all means, join us as a Member of the Lucerne Valley Museum Association, and help us aim for goals that are in our future. We have a giant wish list. But first we need more families with vision that can see us build a museum structure to house our collections — a place to teach our children about our heritage — a safe place to house the cultural changes that we’ve experienced — a place where we can share with others what Lucerne Valley has to offer.

We could use your help.


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